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Charlotte Car Transport offers you a wide variety of Auto Shipping services. We are one of the leading companies in the Car Shipping industry. We can transport any type of vehicle anywhere across America.

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Our team can haul any amount of vehicles anywhere!

Our services include:

We also provide the following Commercial services:

We ship all sorts of vehicles in any condition. Charlotte Car Transport will be happy to transport your car to any of the US states. We also have two methods of Auto Transport you can choose from.

Open Car Shipping

Open Car Transport is the most common and affordable type of Car Shipping service. When you choose it, your car is loaded onto an open truck along with other cars. You have probably seen such carriers on highways. They deliver several cars on one truck. It is a very safe method of Auto Transport, although your car will be exposed to weather, debris and road dust.

Enclosed Car Transport

When you choose Enclosed Car Transport services, we ship your car in an enclosed trailer. This method of Auto Shipping guarantees the best protection for your vehicle. Enclosed Car Transport is usually used for Exotic Car Transport. Nothing can harm your vehicle during this type of Car Shipping, not even dirt, debris, or even people with bad intentions. If you own an exotic car, this would be the best way to transport it, as it would completely ensure your vehicle’s safety.

Charlotte Car Transport will be happy to provide you with our well reviewed Auto Transport services! Give us a call to talk about all the details of your Auto Shipping.