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Enclosed Car Transport

While most use Open Auto Transport to ship their vehicles because of its reasonable pricing, there is another viable option. While costing more, Enclosed Car Transport provides greater security for your vehicle.

Enclosed Car shipping isn’t as cheap and accessible as Open Auto Shipping, however, it provides a more secure environment. With this style of transport, the car is covered in an enclosed trailer. This means weather, dust, and any kind of road debris are prevented from getting at your vehicle. This method offers the maximum in vehicle transport security.

Car Shipping With Us

At Charlotte Car Transport we offer all possible options for vehicle shipping. It’s important to us that customers have the ability to select a service that works best for them. With our car shipping, customers will get the ultimate guarantee that their automobile will be protected during its travels.

Even better, in addition to offering ultra protection, we’ll deliver it door-to-door. That’s right. Our standard version of transport, whether open or enclosed, is door-to-door. This means we’ll pick up and drop-off your vehicle from right out front of its home anywhere in the US. Charlotte Car Transport is always about your convenience!

Typically, enclosed auto transport is used when dealing with luxury, rare, or exotic vehicles. After all, open car transport is perfectly secure and efficient. Enclosed transport simply offers that extra layer of comfort.

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