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Ship a Car from Charlotte, NC to San Jose, CA

charlotte, nc to san jose, ca

San Jose is a major American city and the largest city in the Bay Area, California. Its population is around a million residents. Besides being the largest city in the Silicon Valley, the city is known for good weather, being home to San Jose State University and attractions such as Winchester Mystery House and the downtown historic district. It’s is a popular destination, so it is not surprising many people ship their cars there. So if you need to ship a car there from Charlotte, NC, just look for a reliable car transporter.

Moving a car from Charlotte, NC to San Jose, CA safely

You would have to drive a long way from Charlotte to San Jose if you decided to move your car on your own. You would have to spend about 40 hours or more by the wheel and put over 2,600 extra miles on your car – which would decrease its price should you sell it one day. You would also have to spend money on gas and probably spend a night or two in motels. But if you decide to ship your car instead, you will not have to do any of this. We can ship to anywhere in California! We have the best San Jose car transport services! We can even ship your vehicle to Sacramento, San Diego, or Los Angeles!

To move your car without any stress, you can just book car transport services from Charlotte. Our team will be happy to help you with shipping your car or any other vehicle door to door for a price that will save you money. We also offer special discounts to help you save even more!

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