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Ship a car from Charlotte, NC to Portland, OR

Charlotte, NC to Portland, OR

Portland is a major US city, the largest in the state of Oregon. Its population is over 640,000. Portland is known for being an eco-friendly city with many parks, bicycle paths, and bridges, as well as microbreweries and coffeehouses. Art, theater and music also thrive here. It is no wonder that Portland is a popular destination for both visitors and people who are looking to move. That is why the route Charlotte, NC to Portland, OR is quite common, and it will not be much of a hassle if you decide to move your car between these cities.

Looking to ship a car from Charlotte, NC to Portland, OR?

If you decided to drive your car all the way from Charlotte, NC to Portland, OR, you would have to spend no less than 40 hours behind the wheel, adding over 2,700 miles to your car’s mileage. Moreover, imagine how much you would have to spend on gas and motels. This kind of trip is not only stressful and tiring, but it can also leave you with a hole in your budget. But you don’t have to drive yourself if you use our service. We offer the best Portland car transport service around!

To avoid the stress of driving for 40 hours, you can order car transport. Our team will be happy to ship your car from Charlotte to Denver door to door without any hassle. We ship all sorts of vehicles, including those requiring heavy hauling. We will help you save money and not put any extra miles on your car, providing safe and secure car shipping.

Car transport to Portland from Charlotte is one of our popular routes, so you will get a good price. Call our office today for free quotes or request them here on the website by filling out a simple form. We are looking forward to shipping for you!