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Need to move a car from Charlotte, NC to Memphis, TN?

charlotte, nc to memphis, tn

Memphis is a major American city located n the Mississippi River in the state of Tennessee. The population of the city is over 650,000 residents, which makes it the largest city in the state. Memphis is known for its rich musical heritage that attracts tourists and for its delicious barbecue. Some people also choose it as a place to relocate to, making Memphis a popular destination for auto transport. If you are moving from Charlotte, NC to Memphis, TN, car shipping will save you money and stress.

Ship a car from Charlotte, NC to Memphis, TN

If you are thinking about driving from Charlotte, NC to Memphis, TN, you should calculate how much it can cost you. There are over 600 miles between these cities, so you would have to sit behind the wheel for more than nine hours. That means plenty of gas expenses in addition to the stress of long hours of driving. And don’t forget that those 600 miles will also add to your car’s mileage, decreasing its value. So after considering all the factors, you might find that shipping your car is actually a much better option. We can ship your car anywhere including Indianapolis!

At Charlotte Car Transport we are dedicated to providing high-quality auto shipping at the best prices in the industry. We will be happy to help you with Memphis car shipping to or from Charlotte, providing top-notch door-to-door auto transport with an open or enclosed car carrier, and even heavy hauling. Our team will work around your schedule and make sure you are happy with our services.

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