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How to move a car from Charlotte, NC to Austin, TX?

Charlotte, NC to Austin, TX

The 11th largest city in the United States, Austin is the capital of Texas. Its population is over 950,000 residents, making it the 4th most populated city in Texas. Austin is known for its thriving music scene and the city’s many lakes and parks. The city attracts many visitors, especially during big events such as South by Southwest, and is a great place for newcomers as well. It is a common stop on car carriers’ routes, which means you can move a vehicle to or from Austin at an affordable price, including via the route from Charlotte, NC to Austin, TX.

Ship a car from Charlotte, NC to Austin, TX

The distance between the two cities is around 1200 miles. If you decided to move your car on your own, you would have to drive for more than 17 hours. Add the time and money you would spend on motel stays — and don’t forget that you would also have to pay a lot for gas. After some calculations, driving your own vehicle probably does not look like a good idea. That is why many people prefer using auto transport services when they are moving across the country.

With Charlotte Car Transport you can ship any kind of vehicle in any condition across the country. Our team will be glad to help you with Austin car transport from Charlotte. We will ship your vehicle door-to-door without any hassle and at an amazing price. Whether you choose open or enclosed auto shipping, we will make sure to get you the best deal.

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