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Auction Auto Transport

One of the ways to buy a new car is to get it through an auction. Most auctions are only available to car dealers, although some are open to the public. There are also online auctions, such as eBay. On these online sites, anyone can bid on a vehicle. When you are buying a car from an out of state auction, that does not mean you have to go and pick it up. Our company makes the whole process easier and more affordable. Shipping a car has become quite a popular service, and getting a car from an auction is a perfect time to use auction auto transport.

Charlotte Auction Auto Transport

At Charlotte Car Transport we will be happy to help you ship a car from an auction. We work with many auctions and can ship a vehicle you have bought online from any American state. Our services are available all across the country for all types of vehicles in any condition. We deliver door-to-door, which means no hassle for you! Our car carrier will pick up your new vehicle from the auction and deliver it straight to your door.

For your Charlotte auction car transport, you can choose either open or enclosed auto transport. Open car shipping is preferred by most car transport clients because of its affordability. But if you have purchased an exotic or retro car, it is better to ship it in an enclosed trailer for better protection from factors such as weather and road dust.

Call Charlotte Car Transport today and get a special discount for your auction car shipping. We are always happy to help you save money with car transport services! You can also request a free quote online – just fill out a form and we will contact you back as soon as possible. Or call us at (980) 221-0068 during business hours to speak with someone even sooner!