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NC Sees Increased Health Concerns Due to Ticks and Spiders

You are currently viewing NC Sees Increased Health Concerns Due to Ticks and Spiders
If you see one of these on you, calmly remove it as this is a tick that can bite at any time.
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Because of the temperatures rising, a lot of bugs are starting to be out and about a lot more in North Carolina. These bugs most notably have been various disease causing bugs and arachnids, probably the two worst groups of insects. Some of the spiders that have been spotted are perfectly safe, albeit just a bit scary looking. However, not all spiders in North Carolina are completely harmless. North Carolina does have native populations of the venomous black widow and the brown recluse. On top of these spiders, ticks are also native to the state and have been spotted a lot more this spring. These bugs cause Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Lastly, NC is seeing chiggers, a bug that carries a potentially fatal bacterium, far more than before.

Because of the higher populations of these bugs, higher reports have been made regarding these diseases.

A study was conducted recently, and the results revealed that Lyme disease is spreading at a bit of an alarming rate in North Carolina. People are being warned to be cautious when outdoors and to thoroughly check every person and animal after spending time outdoors. Healthcare officials have also been given a call to action to be more diligent when it comes to identifying and treating a tick bite. Additionally, with regard to the two dangerous spider types, it is important to be aware of the differences between the types of spiders so that you can accurately identify a black widow and brown recluse.

Here is how to stay safe with these bugs being around North Carolina!

The most obvious first step is simply avoiding the bugs if you see them. Do not try to get friendly with these creatures, as they can seriously harm you. Use special products to help repel them as much as possible such as Deet spray and certain essential oils. Generic bug spray is not guaranteed protection, make sure it specifies that it works on spiders, ticks, and chiggers. Do proper checks of yourself and any others who have been outside before coming inside. Sometimes you catch a tick before it has latched on and easily remove it before any damage is done. If you get bitten by any of these insects, act fast. See a doctor as soon as possible, especially if you believe you may have been bitten by a deadly chigger.

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