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Which Type of Auto Transport Should I Choose?

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Here you can see an enclosed auto transportation truck.
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With a new move coming up soon, you have some tough decisions to make. Mainly, to use open air or enclosed auto transportation services, that is the question. No matter what decision you ultimately make, we guarantee that we are the right auto transportation provider for you! With our team of industry experts, we have perfected the art of auto transportation in every form! So now, back to the decision at hand. The choice ultimately lies in what your priorities are for your auto transportation. Here is a bit more about each method so that you can have a proper understanding and know how to decide!

What do I need to know about open air auto transportation?

Open air auto transportation is the classic, most commonly used auto transportation method. It involves a truck and trailer without any full walled sides surrounding the vehicles. It is the trucks you have seen shipping a bunch of cars on them. We use this type of auto transportation most often to ship a large group of vehicles. It is perfect for any car owner with multiple cars, as it allows our customers to have their cars all shipped together so they can arrive together too!

The downside of this method is that your car is exposed to the natural elements while in transit. This means that if it rains on the journey, your car is being rained on or if the driver goes through a dust storm, your car goes through a dust storm. With this said, it does not mean your vehicle is in any particular sort of danger or risk just because of this. Your car is actually immensely safe with us, so it just comes down to preference.

If you prefer your car to not be exposed to elements while in shipping, then here is what you need to know about enclosed auto transportation!

Given what we know about open auto transportation, enclosed auto transportation should sound simple enough. It is a form of shipping done in which the truck and trailer combination happens to feature a trailer that fully encloses the vehicles, meaning it has four secure sides. This keeps your vehicle covered from all natural elements, so it does not have to be rained on. This extra layer does come at a higher price though, and it does not have room to ship several vehicles together like open air auto transportation does. With that said, we usually recommend this service to owners of sports cars, vintage cars, any other luxury cars, or anyone who wants to give their car the VIP treatment.

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