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How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Transportation

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When it comes to looking for the best auto shipping provider in the industry, there is no match for Charlotte Car Transport! Our drivers and agents leave you wanting for nothing as they take care of all of your and your car’s needs. We provide endless protection for your vehicle while it is in our car and work with you to schedule the pick-up and drop-off for times that work best for you! While we will do all that we can for you, there are some things you can do to help make the transportation go smoothly.

Freshly Wash Your Car

We understand that this step probably sounds silly and unnecessary to you, but it is actually quite an important step. Having your vehicle washed just before it gets shipped will allow for a very accurate reading of the vehicle’s condition. This means you will be able to see any prior damage that exists on your car, be it any scratch, indent, discoloration, or paint chipping. Being able to see this will allow you to know and understand the condition before you ship so that you will be able to identify any damage that may arise while in transit.

Take Out Any Item of Value

This is helpful as it will help reduce the threat of theft or damage done to your car from an attempt at theft. So, the list of items you should remove includes any vehicle add-ons, such as custom stereos, DVD players, front and rear cameras, dash cameras, and more.

Completely Remove or Secure Down Any Loose Pieces

What exactly would a loose piece of your car be? Well, this would be something like an antenna if you have one. If you do have one or have something else similar, then you would want to remove it and simply put it inside the vehicle or keep it with you. Along these same lines, make sure you fold in your rearview mirrors.

Have Gas Tank at Certain Level

Your gas tank level is actually quite important. You do not want to have an entirely full tank, as that runs a dangerous risk in case something happens. But you also do not want to have an empty tank, it is important to have some gas for when the driver loads and unloads the vehicle. This is also important as there are instances in which your driver will have to park a bit away from the delivery destination and this allows them to drive the vehicle to the delivery location with ease. With all this said, we feel that having about ¼ tank of gas is the perfect amount.

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