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North Carolina A Top Choice To Host DeSantis-Newsom Debate

You are currently viewing North Carolina A Top Choice To Host DeSantis-Newsom Debate
Democrats and Republicans will have a field day with this debate.
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For the longest time, Democratic Governor of California, Gavin Newsom and Republican Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis are both supposing that they’re going to have to debate. That’s the only way anything will move forward between the two entities.

And as it turns out, they’re both stoked for it.

Governor DeSantis enthusiastically told Sean Hannity, the right-wing Fox News host, how game he was for it. By the way, it’s Hannity who will be serving as the moderator for the debate, while Fox News is supposedly going to host the televised event.

What’s wilder is how Governor Newsom himself suggested for both Fox and Hannity to be involved, which may be refreshing, given that he wants the odds to be even enough against his liberal bias.

In his proposal, Governor Newsom had called for the debate upon November 8th or November 10th. Such an event is set to air live for about 90 minutes. The three-page letter mentioned how the debate would be best without an in-studio audience.

From a variety of locations, California’s very own suggestions include North Carolina, as well as the other states of his choosing, Nevada and Georgia.

Yet, North Carolina is definitely the most exciting of the three states, given that like the others, it had recently been flip-flopping towards the Left-Wing politics within the last couple of decades.

However, unlike Georgia and Nevada, North Carolina themselves have a “democratic triplex.”

That might be what helps Gavin Newsom out to his advantage; that North Carolina has Democrats serving as secretary of state, attorney general and even the Governor. While Democratic Governor of North Carolina Roy Cooper presides, he and the triplex do have to deal with the “divided trifecta” otherwise known as the Republicans who mostly control the legislative chambers within the state.

Governor DeSantis is running for Republican President in 2024, as Governor Newsom is more interested in continuing a second four-year term in the top post of California. All that said, these Governors still are deep in arguing with each other over various topics in politics such as critical race theory, immigration law and even Disney’s handling of gay rights.

All that said, the “Red v. Blue” debate will likely focus on the impact of representation that governors hold as leaders of states. It will be interesting as each Govenor will also have no use for notes or prepared paperwork. If anything, only pens and pads of paper will be provided.

DeSantis on the other hand is hopeful that there can be a little bit of hype with a video intro and even a live audience included. To which, Newsom’s team scoffed at. Calling DeSantis a “joke.”

As of now, there’s no real plans of whether or not North Carolina will be the state the debate is hosted in. But in any case, it will take place on November 8th and it will air on local Fox News affiliate, FOX8 WGHP! Won’t this be a battle to remember? What a debate to watch out for!

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