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Supreme Court Has A Lot To Decide In Very Little Time

You are currently viewing Supreme Court Has A Lot To Decide In Very Little Time
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This Summer is on a roll with good times ahead for all. All except the Supreme Court, if they can’t get their priorities straightened out. How is this the case? Maybe it’s because the highest court in all of the United States has some pretty major decisions to make. All because there are ten opinions that are being chosen to be released throughout the next week. All right before the Justices can start their Summer Break. Of course, the final opinions that will be released will be going over plenty of totally controversial problems that the court has been wrangling with, while involving various topics of contention.

Some of which, they’ve needed to make better decisions on than what they have in the past with abortion rights.

Hence, good reason as to why the people of the United States have to hold their breath. It’s a relatively worrisome time to be an American.

Starting off with Student Loans…

President Joe Biden is hoping to nearly eliminate student loans entirely, in order to help the average American. But at the end of the day the Supreme Court are the leaders of what can possibly happen in that instance. As the court has been hearing out arguments throughout February, there’s not much likelihood that the plan itself could have the oxygen to move forward.

President Joe Biden thinks slashing $10,000 in federal student loan debt may be worthwhile for folks with less than $125,000 earned per year. Additionally, the administration thinks about millions could make good use of this program for their own needs.

Actual Voting Rights.

Justices think that the election year is only that. A year away. But really, it’s actually only several months from now. This being the case, the Supreme Court hasn’t specified whether or not they’ll allow for state legislatures to limit the presidential elections while not having state courts involved themselves. There’s plenty of work being done to strike congressional districts as outlined by legislatures upon the grounds that have crossed the state constitutions.

Finally, Religion.

In the hands of the high court, how will Businesses be led to believe is the right way to handle the requests of the religious? At the end of the day, governmental jobs can’t simply operate without respect. But can the country survive while accommodating to the sacrifices made to handle in respects to off days taken from religious practices?

Something needs to happen where liberals and conservatives could agree. But that might be near impossible at this point.

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