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Calling All Charlotte Car Lovers

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The NASCAR Hall of Fame is a sure crowd pleaser for fans of racing!
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If you live in Charlotte or its surrounding areas or are just a car lover willing to travel, these are some ideal destinations for you. These four places are sure to fulfill any car lover’s dreams, and even probably convert any non-car lovers in your life! Hope in the car and drive to one of these ideal weekends this weekend!

NASCAR Hall of Fame

Gentlemen, start your engines and head to this historic building for car and racing lovers everywhere! Here there are several year-round exhibits as well as rotating exhibits that constantly change to display a different aspect of racing and cars. The Hall of Fame also plays host to a number of major racing events. There is a theater, aptly named the High Octane Theater, which is the home of a 64-foot-wide projector that plays clips from major races in history. Of course, as the Hall of Fame, you can see the dedicated areas for each inductee. You can even make a full day out of coming here with a meal in the Pit Stop Café!

Charlotte Motor Speedway

This speedway, known for its 1.5-mile superspeed racetrack, offers a lot for a car lover. You can come to watch a race on the tracks, or just visit and pop in team shops for a variety of different teams. The Speedway also hosts numerous events, such as the Coca-Cola 600, the Outlaw Showdown, and a few auto shows and fairs. You can even get the experience of being a NASCAR driver with the Speedway’s NASCAR Racing Experience or Racing School.

Richard Petty Driving Experience

At the Richard Petty Driving Experience, you can participate in a number of different experiences to give you the NASCAR driving feeling. There is a ride-along offer where you can ride along in a real NASCAR race car and even several where you can be the driver yourself on the tracks.

Dale Earnhardt Inc.

Named for the historic NASCAR driving, Dale Earnhardt Inc is an excellent choice for people particularly interested in memorabilia. Here there are a number of displays full of NASCAR driving and Dale Earnhardt memorabilia. You can even book out space here to host an event, like a birthday party. This is an excellent choice for a really dedicated fan of driving or the famed driver!

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