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North Carolina Declares An End To The Public Health Emergency

You are currently viewing North Carolina Declares An End To The Public Health Emergency
COVID-19 is not as rampant anymore in North Carolina.
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The United States have had to pull back the public health emergency made in regards to COVID-19 all over the nation. But just recently, they’ve been able to retract it from North Carolina in particular. Which is probably great, because COVID-19 vaccines are continuously still being distributed all over the state. All the while, individuals are allowed to test it for free, even if they are uninsured. All while the supplies last. There has been unparalleled optimism for the sake of members from the North Carolina Department of health and Human Services. In statements, released by those authorities, there have been hopes that COVID-19 will continue to stay away thanks to the consistent issuance of vaccines, testing and treatment. All while tools are provided to lessen the rates of hospitalization and illness that can be caused by COVID-19.

Between the early months of 2020 to only last month, April 2023, beyond 17 million COVID-19 vaccines have been handed out through North Carolina via so many medical institutions. Can you imagine helping to cure so many people from Corona Virus? How revelatory! With the added participation of about 4,450 community partners, in addition to health care providers, the state has participated in beyond 1,000 community events for vaccine administration and testing.

But wait, there’s more! Around 12.2 million at-home COVID-19 tests are being distributed all through the state.

The StarMed COVID-19 telemedicine program had been promoted in conjunction with the NCDHHS to stretch access to COVID-19 resources via virtual appointments, therefore connecting around 92 of 100 North Carolinan counties with health care providers. In which manner, beyond 3,000 treatment prescriptions are provided. Dependent on clinical trial data, it’s all easily translated to multiple hospitalizations that are therefore prevented, while near millions in dollars for hospital costs get avoided.

And though the public health emergency ended, COVID-19 vaccines treatments and testing protocols are still occurring, free-of-charge, in spite of insurance or immigration status, as all supplies last. But as they run out, the medical equipments and needs will be made available like flu shots and various other routine vaccinations, all covered by Medicaid, Medicare and even private insurance, out-of-pocket costs for the uninsured.

So many COVID-19 tests make themselves available from various North Carolina centers, at no cost, while also being able to be mailed specifically to a home address. Free tests are distributed by community-based organizations up until June 26th, 2023 in the meantime.

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