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Honda Shows Off LX Trim For Benefit Of Civic And CR-V

You are currently viewing Honda Shows Off LX Trim For Benefit Of Civic And CR-V
Honda makes their LX trim affordable.
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Honda has a risky move that they have to make, involving some of their most popular models. The Honda Civic and the Honda CR-V are going to lower their prices with the bring back of the LX trim level. After it was evident that both were abandoning the price-leader model in 2023, a Honda representative made the very public announcement how the LX is in need due to unprecedented demand. Of course, that isn’t too shabby for shoppers, as it makes the Pricetag look a lot more attainable when the price is dropped down by $1400. At least, in regards of the Civic. As for the CR-V, the price has dropped down by $3200. In addition, Honda has made it known that they’re excited enough to help out on the availability front. All towards less equipped vehicles that may not quite be as production-limited by the microchip shortage that the world has been experiencing since the earliness of the pandemic.

When Looking At These Vehicles, See What’s Changed.

When driving the 2023 CR-V LX, you’ll notice how the 17-inche wheels move smoothly with those new hubcaps while also keeping life simple with a manual driver’s seat. That’s because with a lower price trim, it makes most sense that the equipment is less extravagant. In addition, there is no sunroof, blind-spot monitoring system or even a heated front seat. Yet, there’s still the strength of the 190-horsepower turbocharged 1.5-Liter inline-four engine, which offers the AWD as a $1500 option, not unlike other CR-V trims.

Then, you look at the Civic LX, starting up at $24,545 for the sedan and $25,545 for the hatchback, and realise that it’s a relatively impressive vehicle much lower in the lineup. The 158-horsepower, 2.0-Liter Inline-Four engine also is equipped with the CVT automatic transmission. But, the hatchback comes filled with a sport and sport touring trim, if you so order it, with manual transmission. Just keep in mind how much you might be having to pay with the entirety of what those extras cost.

As of yet, the Honda CR-V LX nor the Honda Civic LX is online, but there’s a likelihood that so many cars are just sitting in inventory, waiting to get out an explore the world. Which in itself is an exciting prospect, no matter how dangerous it might be out there on those streets. Honda, however, is stepping up their thrift game.

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