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Local Nonprofit Sends Millions Of Dollars For Free School Supplies

You are currently viewing Local Nonprofit Sends Millions Of Dollars For Free School Supplies
Classroom supplies will always be in surplus!
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Classroom Central is a nonprofit organization that is dedicating itself to donate millions of dollars towards giving school supplies to so many kids that are in school. These students will for sure be grateful because they are in need of pencils, pens, notebooks, backpacks and so much more. Within the past year alone, the organization has done a good deed in the form of 1.3 million school supplies, which in itself has equaled out to a market value of around $6.8 million. Such supplies are going to head towards 197 schools within the six districts of the Charlotte area. In such circumstances, Classroom Central will expand the quantity of schools that are served.

According to their leadership, Classroom Central has been able to add about 34 schools to their docket, with 27 of them being located in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg region. Needless to say, it’s by far the largest increase seen in over 20 years. However, There’s one caveat: a nonprofit doesn’t quite make money from giving it all away.

Regardless, Classroom Central lets teachers pick up a cart and grab classroom supplies for their students whenever they need them. It’s easily interpreted as a safety net for both students and faculty. What great luck for the student body!

Overall, there’s a likelihood that teachers are doing too much for not enough pay.

It’s estimated that lecturers and professors alike spend each school year using about $500 to $1,000 on school supplies just to provide their students. That’s where Classroom Central comes in as they focus in on schools with low-income students in attendance.

Classroom Central actually has a brick and mortar store teachers can go to while there also tends to be mobile stores travelling from school-to-school. Each mobile store is filled with school supplies that are easy to pick up. The mobile stores often go around in the same district, complete with online ordering with curbside pickup.

It’s important to recognize the impact that can be had on the youth of today. By being the voice for the unheard, and helping hands out through the darkness, individuals like those running Classroom Central will truly be the type of voices of reason in the environment that children learn within. Thanks to Classroom Central, there will be plenty of children in North Carolina and beyond who will benefit from not having to worry about any shortage of supplies or the embarrassment that comes from asking parents for any sort of help.

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