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Audi R8 GT Drives Into The Sunset For 2023

You are currently viewing Audi R8 GT Drives Into The Sunset For 2023
Audi says "goodbye" to the R8, next year.
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The Audi R8 supercar is coming to a crossroads in 2023. The car will end circulation of the V-10 engines as well. 2023 therefore is where the Audi R8 GT shows itself as the remaining variant in the R8 coupe and spyder lineup.

With such a rich history behind it, the Audi R8 GT is really quite the car that can accomplish everything that Audi sets it’s mind out to do. It’s a very easy car to drive, while easy to handle on the throttle. The Audi has the limit set on the rear end’s traction. AL. where there can be more power that would allow the back end to step out. Of course, never in a frightful sense. Of course, there’s still sadness that emanates from the manual of the first generation R8. Yet in the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic that shows off in the GT, there’s even more of a high upshift than ever before. Truly in the aggressive modes, there’s plenty examples of wide-throttle creating better upshift around the 8700-rpm limits. The carbon-fiber and aluminum monocoque structure is powerful enough to handle the throttle of this machine.

How many GTs are out there?

Currently, Audi is sending the 333 GTs, on a global scale, with about 150 more units to the United States. In which case, 50 each for every one of three colors. Gray, Black and Red. All of which amounts to just about one per every other Audi dealership in the United States.

It’s plain to see that every car is well-adorned with the build number. As a result, the sequence would sink below the surface of the carbon-fiber center-console trim. Audi loves these GTs and even plays around with them for fun by taking them out to run some laps in the Spanish Riviera. One decision of note made by Audi has to do with those very same build numbers. As it turns out, Audi has them each built at certain stages of the production style. The most interesting cars may be early-number, but they get built relatively late into the production cycle.

So what’s so fancy about this final line-up of Audi R8 GTs?

It’s important fact about all this is how Audi’s R8 GT has about forty horses more than the average rear-drive R8. (The GT version is all-wheel-drive.) Additionally, even the GT-less R8 is the strongest rear-drive car built by Audi. What makes this model even more cool is that while the industry is reviving a newfound love of drifting, the R8 GT is the last R8 to receive Torque Rear. However, Audi officials are stating how calling it drift mode would be very much a change from the drift mode being better at moving from a typical perspective. There are even seven new settings that rise the allowance of rear-wheel slip to occur, with almost too much wheelspin to be legal.

The GT R8 is priced at around $253,290 while being only a little more than the usual 2023 rear-drive R8. Clocking in the total price at about $161,395.

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