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Truck Stop Shooting Leaves 1 Dead, 1 Critically Injured

You are currently viewing Truck Stop Shooting Leaves 1 Dead, 1 Critically Injured
A shooting in north Charlotte left one man dead and one in critical condition.
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When an Oregon trucker stopped at a Charlotte Pilot Travel Center on October 3rd, he just wanted to take a shower and get some rest. However, he got caught up in an argument that turned bloody. After a shooting at the truck stop left one person dead, Vasyl Nesvit, 26, is in critical condition.

Nesvit pulled into the Pilot on Statesville Avenue in north Charlotte late that Monday night. He had completed a delivery that took him all the way from his home outside Portland, OR, to Charlotte. After stopping to take a shower, Nesvit was preparing to leave when he heard a loud noise from outside.

According to police, the shooting began at around 11:30 p.m. due to an argument inside the Pilot truck stop. When Nesvit came out of the showers, he found a man lying in a pool of blood. Ducking for cover, he hid behind a nearby vehicle.

Police responded as quickly as possible, finding two victims in critical condition. Both were transported to a nearby hospital for emergency surgery. According to reports, Nesvit was in surgery just seven minutes after the shooting took place. Now, three weeks later, Nesvit remains alive but in critical condition.

The Other Truck Stop Victim Died That Night

Despite the tragedy that befell him, Nesvit is the luckier of the two victims. Raymond Goodman, 32, was the other shooting victim. Though emergency personnel transported him to a hospital as quickly as they could, they weren’t able to save him. He died at around 2 a.m. on October 4th.

Both men’s families have set up GoFundMe pages, with the Nesvits’ focused on paying for Vasyl’s medical expenses and the Goodmans’ focused on catching the perpetrator. As of late October, the police had not named a suspect or made an arrest.

This tragedy reminds us all just how dangerous the world out there can be for those who work in our supply chain. The dangers are economic, emotional, and, unfortunately, physical. We hope that both families find justice and peace after this horrible event.

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