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Car Shipping Works for Businesses, Too

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Car shipping can be incredibly useful for dealerships.
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When many people think of car transport, they usually think of a single individual or family moving far away. While this is certainly common, it is not the only way that companies like Charlotte Car Transport serve people. In fact, our team regularly assists businesses with their car shipping needs, too! Read on to learn how shipping commercial vehicles can take the load off of your business in many ways.

Car shipping can help businesses on the move.

Businesses have to move sometimes, just like people. Maybe they need more space for an expanding operation, or they can’t support their current large warehouse and need something smaller. If a business has a fleet of corporate vehicles, the task of moving them can become incredibly complicated. The business will need to keep track of its whole fleet on top of its records, supplies, and staff. At a certain point, it simply becomes too much to keep track of. If your business is moving somewhere new, our corporate relocation service can take care of your company cars without breaking a sweat. Our team will take just a little bit of that weight off your shoulders.

This service is especially important if your business relies on commercial vehicles. These vehicles are the backbone of your company, so don’t put any unnecessary mileage on them! Charlotte Car Transport can take care of them for you, leaving them in mint condition at your company’s new home.

Dealerships sometimes need to get their inventory shipped.

Specific industries require the use or possession of large numbers of vehicles. Nowhere is this more obvious than with dealerships, whose entire business model depends on them having hundreds of cars at their disposal every day. If you work for a dealership, then you should consider getting in touch with us! Charlotte Car Transport helps dealerships all over the country get the vehicles they need to where they need to be. If your customer needs a vehicle that you don’t have in stock, we can pick it up from a nearby affiliate and drive it to you. If you just got another shipment of vehicles and want them out on the showroom floor ASAP, we can help with that too! Our professional and punctual drivers will handle your precious cargo with the care that it deserves. That way, your dealership can continue to provide people with the cars they need.

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