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Is Open or Enclosed Transport Better?

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This Open Transport Trailer is less expensive than an enclosed Transport Trailer
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The answer to that question is, it depends on your needs. You need to ship your car. There are hundreds of reasons to ship a car. You could be in the middle of a big move, or you could be taking your car to an exclusive auto show. Whatever the reason, you’re going to have a lot of choices when it comes to an auto transport company. What’s more, is the choice of how to ship your car once you find your auto shipper. The first and most important question is, do you want to ship with an open transport or enclosed? There are many reasons that make either option a great choice, but it all comes down to your car’s specific needs. We help break down the options so you can make the best choice for your car.

Open Transport

By far, the most popular option is open transport. More than 90% of auto shippers ship cars on an open transport trailer. You’ve probably seen them on the highways yourself. They’re the double-decker trailers with six to ten cars crammed tightly together. Open transport means just that; your car transports on a trailer that is open to the elements. Since the majority of trailers are open transport trailers, that means you’re going to have an easier time getting your car on one of those trailers. Open trailers often pick up your car quicker and are always the cheaper option. Since there is more supply than demand, finding an open trailer is really a buyer’s market.

The cons of an open trailer is that your car is exposed the entire trip. Since your car will be open to the elements, there’s a fairly certain chance that it will arrive with a healthy layer of dirt. The first stop when you get your car is more than likely to the car wash. The other issue is that hazards do exist. The rogue pebble may jump off the road and find your windshield or dent your car. You can be sure that if you do opt for open transport, you’ll want to make sure your carrier company is well insured. However, open transport is what new car dealerships use to ship their brand-new cars. For most people out there, open transport is a perfect option for them.

Enclosed Transport

The other option is, of course, enclosed transport. This means that the trailer will have a canvas or hard shell surrounding the trailer to add a layer of protection for your vehicle. Many people who need to ship classic or luxury cars choose enclosed transport. This is because it’s much harder to fix these types of cars if anything does go wrong. Even if the auto transport company’s insurance covers everything, it may be hard to find the right replacement part for a classic car. Enclosed transport offers an extra peace of mind. However, that peace of mind does come at a cost. 

Enclosed transport is always going to be a little more expensive, depending on the type of trailer you need. Some luxury vehicles won’t even fit on a traditional trailer because of ground clearance. They’re too low to drive up the ramp onto the trailer. If this is the case, you’ll likely need to find a trailer with hydraulic lifts. These types of trailers can only carry one or two cars. When you ship a car, you’re essentially splitting the cost of gas, tolls, and fees with the other cars on the trailer. If your car is the only car on the trailer, that all comes out of your pocket. But, your car may require a little extra attention and the cost may be worth it to you.

It all Comes Down to the Needs of your Vehicle.

If you need to ship your car quickly and on a budget, always opt for open transport. The cost of the car wash at the end is always going to be cheaper, and you’ll likely get your car on a trailer much faster this way. But if you want that peace of mind that your car is safe, or if your car requires a special trailer, you may have to go with an enclosed transport. It all depends on the type of car that you need to ship.

If you are still looking for an auto shipper for your car, Charlotte Car Transport is a great option. They have both types of transport trailers and live customer service reps to help you decide what’s best for your vehicle. Also, their premium insurance coverage is included right there in their quote. Give them a call today for an instant quote!

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