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Can I Ship an SUV?

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It has never been easier to Ship and SUV.
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Sports utility vehicles are the go-to vehicle for most Americans. In fact, 70% of cars on the auto market are either SUVs or pick-up trucks. They offer extra cargo space, towing, and are kid-friendly. Any family would benefit from having the extra seats and legroom that an SUV offers. SUVs are fantastic vehicles, but sometimes they do pose their occasional problems. That really narrow parking spot, for instance, isn’t always the best option, and there’s always that one parking garage you wouldn’t trust with the low hanging water pipes. If you plan on shipping your SUV, you should be happy to hear that shipping an SUV is perfectly safe, but there are some things you need to know before you start searching for a quote to ship an SUV.


Once again, the cost of owning an SUV is coming back to bite you. You spend more at the pump with the bigger gas tank, you spend more on car washes, and yes, you’re going to have to spend more on shipping. The higher shipping costs account for a couple of reasons. First, most shipping trailers can hold anywhere between six and ten vehicles. These are small, compact vehicles. SUVs are going to have to take up more space. This means that the driver isn’t going to be able to haul as many vehicles, so your SUV may have to pay for two spots.

This isn’t the only problem that comes from the larger vehicle. SUVs are much heavier than compact cars. Heavier vehicles require more gas to tow them. Not only this, but weight regulations dictate much of commercial trucking. From weigh stations to permitting. Heavier vehicles change the gross weight for the truck that’s shipping your vehicle, and that may require them to hold additional permits or pay more at weigh stations.

How Long Does it Take to Ship an SUV?

Shipping an SUV doesn’t take any longer to ship than any other car, once it’s on the trailer. The time to ship depends on many factors, like weather, road closures, and, of course, distance. But the big caveat is getting the SUV onto the trailer. We mentioned that the trailer needs to have extra room to fit the larger vehicle, and that permitting requirements may change with larger vehicles. This means that it may be more difficult to find a trailer as quickly as it would be for a smaller car. This could mean you may wait an extra day or two before a suitable trailer has time to pick up your vehicle.

Open vs. Enclosed Transport

You may be wondering what you should decide to pick. Enclosed transport is for higher-end cars over $100,000 and for classic cars. However, SUVs are not cheap, and when you move to your Cadillac Escalades or Porsche Cayennes, you could easily reach that $100,000 mark. Open transport can save you a few dollars, but if you really want to protect your vehicle, we recommend enclosed transport. Especially if you’re purchasing a new vehicle across the country and want to ship it to your home.

Best Auto Shipping Company to Ship an SUV

If you want to ship your SUV and don’t know where to go, try Charlotte Car Transport. They can give you an instant quote. They’ve been shipping vehicles for over 16 years, and there’s nothing they haven’t seen. Their knowledgeable experts will walk you through every step and make sure your car arrives safe and sound with a $1 million insurance protection plan built right into their quote.

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