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The 10 Best Online Car Auctions

You are currently viewing The 10 Best Online Car Auctions
We have the 10 Best Online Car Auctions.
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If you’re in the market for a car, you already know that used cars are almost as expensive as new cars right now. With the chip shortage and shipping delays, it’s almost impossible to find a deal on a car right now. But there are some places you can still go to get a great deal on your next ride: car auctions. Car auctions are growing in popularity right now and are a great place to find your next dream car.

Car auctions are tricky waters to navigate. There are no inspections and you can just expect to get the car as is. But, if you know a little about cars and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty to fix them up a little, there are tons of vehicles that are sometimes thousands of dollars cheaper than getting them off of a lot. If you don’t want to deal with the cutthroat nature of a live auction, there are hundreds of online auctions going on every day. Here are our top ten online car auctions for you to find the perfect next car.

1 e-Bay Motors

e-Bay accidentally became one of the best car auctions in America. They did this by creating one of the best online auctions, and the inevitable move to cars and trucks had them poised for victory. It is a subsidiary of the popular and you can find everything from beat-up pintos to brand new Ferraris. Not to mention trailers, boats, RVs, and commercial vehicles. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on this platform, you should check your internet connection.

2 Auto Auction Mall

Ebay is good, but it’s not a true car auction house. Auto Auction Mall can offer the types of deals that eBay just can’t compete with. They are one of the few all-in-one options with a huge selection of vehicles. The best thing about Auto-auction-mall is just how user-friendly it is. They have tons of sorting tools to help you narrow in on the exact make, model, color, engine, and tire size you are looking for. This, coupled with actual customer service that many other sites don’t even try to give you, makes them one of the best pure online car auctions on the web. You can even finance vehicles through their web portal for any particularly ambitious purchases.

3 Copart

Copart is one of the largest auto auctions in the world. They have been doing it since 1982, and now their legendary auction house has an online branch. You may get lucky and find one or two vehicles that are clean titled, but the more likely option is that you’re going to find a salvaged vehicle here. Most of their cars come from insurance companies, financial institutions, and banks. This means you’ll find some of the cheapest options, like a Ferrari for less than $2,000, but it also means you’re going to need to put in some work before it’s road-worthy. If you’re handy with a wrench and budget your purchase to include repairs, you can’t go wrong with Copart.

4 Dashub

For those who are looking for the absolute best deal on a decent car with minimal work to be done, Dashub is for you. They have a limited selection that still includes 200,000+ vehicles, but the competition is steep. They offer their services world-wide. This means you’re competing against millions of people. Most of their cars are won by dealerships who have a dedicated team to bid. But if you have the time and a little chutzpah, check out Dashub for some amazing deals.

5 might have the lowest selection of these options, with around 100,000 cars to choose from. They make the auction process easy and smooth for first-time auction goers. They bring in new inventory every day and have the latest and greatest. This includes electric vehicles and even ATVs and motorcycles. No dealer license is required, which means everyone can bid.

6 SmartBid

SmartBid has a much larger selection to choose from than others, but the selling point here is that it connects buyers with auctions throughout the world. They have sorting tools to narrow in on the perfect car anywhere in the world. They also represent the buyer, which means they are one of the best websites to sell your car.

7 is part of Manheim, a members-only auction house. They would be number one on this list with their wide selection, easy to work with customer service, and sorting tools. However, the auctions are only available to their members. But members can take advantage of their daily specials, which include a 10K and under sale.

8 Insurance Auctions USA

This auction site may not be for everybody, but for those who use it, it’s everything. Insurance Auctions USA works strictly with insurance companies and specializes in salvaged vehicles. They offer repairable options and completely totaled “parts only” vehicles. However, if you do need to go through them, you’re going to need a mediator who has a license to buy from them. It is accessible to members and dealers only. But if you can find your way around the site, you’re guaranteed to get the best deals possible.

9 Auto Trader

No list would be complete without including Auto Trader. They are not a traditional auction house. They sell cars as well as parts and accessories. Even though there are no auctions, they can connect you to private sellers and dealers. If you’re looking for something specific, it might be a great idea to check out Auto Trader before you check out the auctions.


ADESA isn’t an auction house, but they can connect buyers to a number of auctions around the world. They don’t have many salvaged vehicles, but they do pop up occasionally. They are a members-only website, but they do more for their members than any other service. They offer title services, marshaling, financing, transportation, and inspections.

The Best Car Auctions are Only as Good as the Buyer

Auctions are a great place to find a vehicle. You can save thousands of dollars on a good deal. But it is always important to note that with auctions, there may be more costs than just the car. Remember, these cars rarely, if ever, get an inspection. That means you need to budget for repairs. Also, when buying online, you’re going to need to transport your new car back to your home or garage. That means you’ll most likely need a shipping company to transport your vehicle. Charlotte Car Transport is a fantastic option that ships vehicles all across the United States. This includes Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico! They offer free quotes so you can easily build your budget for your next auto auction.

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