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How to Prepare for Vehicle Shipping Rates

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Read up so you’re prepared and we’ll even show you ways you can save money on your next vehicle shipment.
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It’s that time. You’re ready to move. You hired the movers, you loaded the truck, and the only thing left to do is to get your car to your new location. You have already decided that shipping your vehicle makes the most sense. You even got a quote from a few companies months ago so you could budget your money. But you called back, and now they’re quoting a higher rate! Why do vehicle shipping rates keep changing?

Take it from us, we don’t like the fluctuating shipping costs any more than you do. But they are a real thing in the automotive transit business and something you need to be aware of. Read up so you’re prepared, and we’ll even show you ways you can save money on your next vehicle shipment.

The Longer the Distance, the Higher the Cost

Shipping your car across the state is going to be cheaper than shipping it across the country. Be aware of the trip time and plan ahead.

Are you going to see your place before you move in? Perhaps a family member who lives nearby can ship your car for you. Perhaps you’re moving from New York to Los Angeles, and you have a friend in Texas with a big driveway. You can take a road trip with your vehicle to see your new place and sign the closing deals. Then stop off in Texas to drop your car off. Fly home and have the shipping company pick it up from Texas, which would cut your costs almost in half. After all, the shipping company does all the work. Your friend just needs to hand the driver the keys.

Vehicle Size is a Factor

A Honda Civic is going to be cheaper than your Suburban. This is especially true if your car or truck doesn’t have clearance to fit on the trailer with the other cars. You may need to request a flatbed, which could drive costs even higher.


Not many people know this, but they calculate your shipping price through bidding. Reputable shipping companies know the trucking companies that they can trust, and some won’t even accept bids from cut rate trucking companies. They base these bids on things like location, fuel costs, and harsh weather. If you miss one shipment, you may have to accept a bid for a more expensive truck. 

Supply and demand

If there is a surplus of people looking to move their vehicles, then prices are going to go up. There are only so many places on a vehicle trailer, and earning a spot on one can get competitive. The summer months tend to have the highest demand. If you can schedule your move in the fall or early spring, you may be able to get a better rate.

Not all Shipping Companies are Equal

Shipping companies do more than just ship your vehicle. To save money, some shipping companies will not include insurance on their vehicles. This is dangerous. You don’t want to go through your own insurance company and have your rates go up for something that isn’t your fault. You may want to think twice about choosing the lowest provider if it means you’ll pay more in the long run.

Opt for Open Transport to Save Money

There are two types of trailers you can choose to ship your vehicle. You can choose air transport or covered transport. Covered transport offers your vehicle more protection, but so does the insurance of a quality shipping company. To save a few bucks, opt for open transport. Your car may come back a little dusty, but the price of a car wash is much less than the difference between the two.

Location, Location, Location

Unfortunately, some locations are just harder to ship out of than others. If you’re shipping from a rural road that’s off the beaten path, it’s going to cost a little more than if you were in a convenient city suburb. Drivers and shipping companies look at all the factors of the move when creating their quote, and some locations are just better for shipping than others.

A good rule of thumb is that if you can’t get Uber Eats delivered to your door, you’re probably going to pay more for shipping in other places as well.

If you know the factors that shipping companies account for when creating your quotes, you can make smarter choices when shipping your vehicle. The cheapest may not be the best option, but there are other ways to save if you need to. To find a reputable shipping company in Charlotte, contact Charlotte Cart Transport for fast and reliable service.

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