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Omicron Variant Set to Break Record High Numbers

You are currently viewing Omicron Variant Set to Break Record High Numbers
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Omicron variant of COVID-19 may lead to unparalleled daily case numbers in a Southern state, health officials have warned. They have, in fact, urged the people to get testing before the holiday gatherings and then to get their booster shots.

Omicron Variant – Detected in Hospital Systems

Therefore, Dr. Mandy Cohen has said the new variant has already been detecting in hospital systems which are across North Carolina. She is the Health and Human Services Secretary. Also, it is very likely to become the dominant strain earlier next year.

“It is the most contagious, we have yet to see and more than likely it is going to set record-high daily case numbers in the coming weeks. This is in reference to the newest variant of COVID-19, she said. Also, I do think we could, in fact, see as many as 10,000 cases a day at the peak. Moreover, it is that infectious. So, we have to make sure that we do act now.”

Delta Variant

This summer’s surge which was tied to the Delta variant did have daily cases which peaked at roughly 8,600. Also, it did exceed 10,000 on a few days in January. This information is according to the data from NC DHHS.

“Thus, I do urge everyone who has been vaccinating to go get your booster as you are eligible. Do not wait,” Dr. Cohen said. “In fact, Omicron is going to cause the most suffering among those, in particular, who are not vaccinating.”

Monoclonal Antibody Treatments

Some monoclonal antibody treatments, Dr. Cohen has noted, are used presently. In fact, they are not effective at treating the Omicron variant. It does seem there are effective treatments that are in development. Plus also becoming available. Therefore, she did note supply is going to initially be then low. Also, it may not be more widely available until late January or early February of 2022.

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