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Jeep Files Patent for New and Exciting Donut-Like Doors

You are currently viewing Jeep Files Patent for New and Exciting Donut-Like Doors
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Jeep and Ford have both previewed donut doors for their respective off-roaders in the last few years. In fact, the Bronco isn’t going to get them due to the safety-related hurdles. Moreover, there is a current patent filing that does suggest that there might still be hope for Wrangler owners that want doors without a middle.

Jeep and Sketches

In 2017, the patent was filing. This was when Jeep was still part of Fiat-Chrysler automobiles. It was publishing in December 2021. In fact, it does contain sketches that do depict doors. Also, they look a lot like the units that are fitting to the Switchback concept. It is showing in the 2017 edition of the Easter Jeep Safari. In fact, they are frameless. Also, they do have a big hole in the middle. In 2018 at the Los Angeles auto show, similar doors on a Wrangler were displaying. It was at the time, Jeep did clarify that the design was merely a prototype.

The patent or a trademark filing is not a guarantee that a car, nameplate, or feature is going to reach production. However, carmakers routinely do protect intellectual property to ensure that it does not end up in a rival’s hands. Thus, consider that the initial patent was, in fact, filed over three years ago. It is not too far-fetched to assume that it might be relating to the Switchback concept. Also not to production-bound doors.

Plus, bringing these doors to production sounds easier said than done. Moreover, Ford has reportedly decided that offering donut doors on the Bronco is more trouble than it may be worth. That is because they do not comply with safety standards. In fact, Jeep may, in fact, face similar hurdles with the Wrangler. However, both firms are working to give enthusiasts more door options.

Now, both firms are working to give the enthusiasts more door options, however. Jeep, however, made half-doors available on almost every version of the Wrangler earlier in 2021. Moreover, they cost between $2,350 and $4,395, and the Bronco is going to possibly be available with cool tubular doors in the not-too-distant future.

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