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Teacher Resigns After ‘Racially Insensitive’ Lesson About the Constitution

You are currently viewing Teacher Resigns After ‘Racially Insensitive’ Lesson About the Constitution
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A teacher is resigning from a local regional charter school under fire after a racially charged school lesson and ensuing alleged bullying by other students.

Teacher Singling out Students in a Lesson

The local Charter Academy in North Carolina is where have parents are describing their children being singled out by the teacher in a lesson about the U.S. Constitution.

Field Slaves

“Moreover, she had them raising their hand during a constitutional lesson. Then she reminding them that if it wasn’t for the Constitution, they would be her slaves. Her field slaves,” said Kanisha Tillman. Her child was in the classroom. That’s some loaded rhetoric maybe the teacher could have gone about talking about the U.S. Constitution differently in maybe broader and more general terms.

The Winterville Character Academy is in North Carolina and the principal Annastasia Ryan sent a memo out to 8th-grade parents on September 24th. She had to admit there was a “racially insensitive lesson” at the school and that action is taking.

Constitution Day

“It was bringing to the attention of school administration on Monday evening that there was a racially insensitive lesson that was regarding the importance of the Constitution of the United States was being carrying out during an English lesson on Constitution Day,” the memo reads.

Teacher is in Hot Water with School, Parents and Community

Two “racially insensitive words” were, in fact, reportedly used by multiple children in the classroom, the memo adds. In fact, it is “without appropriate redirection along with an inappropriate response from the educator.”

An investigation was conducting. That’s what the school told those 8th-grade parents. Moreover, also “the teacher is supporting in turning her resignation and is not going to return to the campus.”

Culturally Sensitive Training

“In fact, culturally sensitive training for the teacher the resigned is going to be provided, plus with proactive training measures for our present and future staff members,” the memo said.

Then Ryan sent out another memo, on October 5th, this time it was to all families at the school. Thus, it addressed social media posts that were garnering angry reactions to what has happened.

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