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U.S. Army Veteran Helps Victims of Hurricane Ida Survive

You are currently viewing U.S. Army Veteran Helps Victims of Hurricane Ida Survive
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A U.S. Army veteran from a Southern state and city is reflecting on his recent trip to other Southern states and cities, where he helped people affected by Hurricane Ida.

U.S. Army Veteran is a Good Samaritan

In fact, Curtis Drafton did quit his full-time job about two years ago did want to put the focus on giving back to others.

“It’s not the smartest move in the world to walk away from $70,000,” Drafton said. “Yet, you do still wake up every day and say ‘I can make a dollar somehow’ and then I can delegate where my dollar goes.”

Now, Drafton is working odd jobs. and in fact, lives with his friend. He is also driving a 14-year-old sedan to natural disaster zones around the country. He just got back to Charlotte, North Carolina recently after riding out to Hurricane Ida and helping victims of the storm.

Veteran Describes His Experience Dealing with the Aftermath of Hurricane Ida

“Moreover, when your car does shake as though 50 people are trying to overturn your car,” Drafton said, “You have to wonder if you got into the right line of the field.”

Drafton did jump into the action by knocking on almost 40 doors to check for the survivors. This was once the storm passed over Louisiana and Mississippi.

“We had people in there hanging on by a thread at three homes. That means they might have had a glass of water or a piece of old bread left,” Drafton recalled.

Helping with six major hurricanes and dozens of other natural disasters, Drafton has helped. They include another local county after Tropical Depression Fred caused devastating flooding.

“Some of these people have been living in these homes for 40 to 60 years and it takes a while to create a home,” Drafton said. “My heart really goes out to them. What gets us going every day is their broken hearts caused by this disaster.”

Collection Drive Is Key to Help the Victims of Hurricane Ida

A collective drive in the Charlotte area is being planned by Drafton. It would be to help gather the basic supplies and non-perishable foods for those affected by Ida. Moreover, he does plan to head back to Louisiana and Mississippi to personally bring the donations to those in need.

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