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The Subaru Crosstrek Has Quirks and Faults but Drivers Love Them

You are currently viewing The Subaru Crosstrek Has Quirks and Faults but Drivers Love Them
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Subaru Crosstreak has a lot wrong with it to put it very plainly upfront. Yet, there is something about it that can get under your skin. Moreover, that would explain, in fact, why they are so many on the roads. Below are some of the quirks, faults, and annoyances of the Subaru Crosstrek.

Subaru Interior

The interior of the Subaru Crosstrek is terrible. In fact, everything that should be close does feel far away. However, everything that should, moreover, far away do feel close. It’s not specifically small care, but yet the dashboard does bulge out and eats up all of the space. In fact, it would make the car feel roomy. Therefore, the Porsches are the only cars that quickly come to mind that feel more cramped than this Crosstrek.

Moreover, the interior is ugly as well as the space being inefficient. In fact, the center touchscreen which is typically recessed, sits flush in the Crosstrek. It has indescribable unusual backgrounds. Unfortunately, Every song played does create the same 1990s note clipart. It is usually set against a starry night sky. Switch into SI mode and the car wakes up. The sports mode modern cars do anything. It exhibits a lot of horsepowers. 

The Subaru Engine is a Durable Unit

An engine is a durable unit. When the right button is pressed, you can hear a distinct sound. If you drive the car in the “I” mode on the steering wheel (available in this “Sport” trim). Moreover, the car feels throttle back. In fact, the gas pedal almost pushes back at you. Then, the engine does groan against the variable resistance of the CVT. Then pressing on the gas at the bottom of a long grade. It does feel like three things pushing against you including gravity, the transmission, and the gas pedal itself.

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