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FedEx To Hire 1,200 New Employees For Metro Facilities

You are currently viewing FedEx To Hire 1,200 New Employees For Metro Facilities
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FedEx is going to hire 1,200 new employees for positions in its metro facilities in a nearby state and city. In fact, the surge in online shopping is prompting the shipping giant to expand its workforce. People need to work and there are laws changing regarding collecting unemployment so the times couldn’t be better. People are tiring of being home and in lockdowns. They want to be productive and making their living again. So, in fact, this is very good news. What a way to bring the late spring and summer of 2021 into the foray. In fact, many healthy and able-bodied people can do these jobs well. Driving conditions are more optional at this time of year as well.

Thousands of FedEx Positions

“Moreover, as the economy starts to rebounding and continue on with an uptick in the demanding for online deliveries, FedEx Ground is looking to add thousands of positions throughout the U.S. in the ensuing months. In fact, the largest hiring needs are for package handlers,” said a spokesperson.

Part-time Package Handlers

FedEx is bringing in new positions in Charlotte, North Carolina that includes part-time package handlers to load and unload packages.

Potential Full-Time Job Opportunities

“Moreover, the fact that many of these positions may, in fact, become full-time job opportunities as the company does continue to expand its capacity in response to ongoing customer demand,” FedEx said. Hopefully, customer demand will grow and grow over time.

Competitive Wages and More Great Benefits from FedEx

FedEx has great job benefits. These include competitive wages with day, night, and weekend shifts available; benefits; paid parental leave and employee discounts on purchases, such as cell phone service, groceries, and car purchases.

Applications must be 18 years old for FedEx. There are no minimum education requirements involving. Applications may be submitted online here.

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