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Hummer Puts The “EV” in “Leveling Up!” GMC Debuts New Footage

You are currently viewing Hummer Puts The “EV” in “Leveling Up!” GMC Debuts New Footage
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General Motors has the world in their hands. They already have been leading in the Electric Vehicle revolution, contributing to fuel cell research, and now they have the Hummer ready for a hum-dinger. Consider this vehicle as the pinnacle of innovation for electric vehicles in the size of SUVs. These SUVs have a crab mode in which they can travel in diagonal directions.

On top of that, they have a great off-roading journey. This footage is relatively new and special because the Hummer itself is a real road-trekker. If you do buy it, think about how happy you’ll feel when getting the vehicle.

Hummer is truly a recognizable sub-brand of GMC. There’s something big to recognize about the various features that the vehicle possesses. It’s a commitment to staying EV. For the greater good. It has an extract mode, in which it can lift approximately six inches about the ground. It also can handle 11,500 LB-FT of available torque.

Not to mention the vehicle comes with an infinity roof that features modular sky panels. Isn’t that something revolutionary? The vehicle can go about zero to sixty in three seconds. Hummer really is taking pride in their handicraft here. Isn’t it something incredible?

Certainly I think so myself. The interior is also a marvel to behold. As the car combines innovation and convenience ever so well. There happens to be high-definition screens available for the driver to use from the driver information center, as well as the center-mounted 13.4″ diagonal color touch-screen. This also comes with data, settings and other controls in the driver’s convenient reach and line of sight.

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