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No Veteran Left Behind Act Unanimously Passes House

You are currently viewing No Veteran Left Behind Act Unanimously Passes House
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No Veteran Left Behind Act provides the essential training to law enforcement and first responders. It is to help them respond to veterans and service members in a mental health crisis.

According to the United States Department of Defense, sadly and tragically, more than 6,000 veterans take their own life each year.

No Veteran Left Behind Act Bill and Veterans Testify

Moreover, the North Carolina lawmakers are contemplating a bill that would provide veterans in the state with much-needed support. There are many veterans that testified in front of lawmakers. They are in favor of the bill, those include Nick Armendariz.

He joined the military when he was just 18 years old. Then Armendariz went on to serve as an infantryman in the Army for almost a decade. He was deploying to several different countries. Armendariz strongly and vividly remembers a deployment to Afghanistan he wouldn’t soon forget and it haunts him to this day.

“One can see how dark humanity can get because of the things that were inflicting onto people in these villages,” he said.

Nick Armendariz got the Help he Needed Because of Intervention Program

One night on Veterans Day, Armendariz went out. He had too much to drink. Moreover, Armendariz was told to pull his car to the curb by the police. Next, he was charging with DUI. However, the police officers that responded recognized Armendariz’s need for help and intervened. Because of that incident, he is now in an intervention program, similar to the ones that are going to be supporting by the No Veteran Left Behind Act.

Dire Statistics for Veteran Deaths

20 Veterans die each day at this own hands, According to the U.S. Department of Defense, and the veteran suicide rate increased by 30% from 2005-2017.

No Veteran Left Behind Act

In fact, this bill would help veterans finding the right resources. Moreover, it would also train law enforcement officers to help identify signs and symptoms of substance abuse, mental health issues, and PTSD.

On the North Carolina House floor, the bill did pass unanimously. It is now going forward to the North Carolina Senate.

On Wednesday, Governor Roy Cooper signed into effect, “Wounded Heroes Day,” into law. It will make North Carolina the first state in the nation to adopt the day. Moreover, it is in honor of Sergeant Michael Verardo and his Alive Day.

We at Charlotte Car Transport support this new bill wholeheartedly.

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