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Maserati Leaves It’s Mark With Special Edition Sedans And SUVs

You are currently viewing Maserati Leaves It’s Mark With Special Edition Sedans And SUVs
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Since first hitting the scene back in April 1926, Maserati has been very fortunate wit their history in motorsports. The fans willl also enjoy that the incredible Juan Manuel Fangio used Maserati as his go-to vehicle in the 1950s. This is then commemorated in the forms of F Tributo Special for Maserati models Ghibli sedan and the Levante SUV.

Fangio is honorable as a driver, who while going on to race, has only made the Levante and Ghibli more important in their stunner colors. The Levante is given a finish in Rosso Tributo. All Maserati vehicles are well-versed in the colors that pay homage to Italy. Almost all Maserati F Tributos fit in with about 21-inch gloss-black wheels with yellow trim. There also comes in the outreach of the F-Tributo badging and body-colored triton logos, found on the C-pillars.

Both the sedan and the SUV have all-black interiors with carbon-fiber accenting. Ghiblis get yellow contrast stitching while Levantes have red stitching. These Maserati models are for the racing fan at heart.

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