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Military Activity Which is Unusual is Expected in 21 NC counties

You are currently viewing Military Activity Which is Unusual is Expected in 21 NC counties
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Military personnel in the hundreds are going to descend upon North Carolina over a period of the next two weeks for Special Forces training exercises. This involves blank gunfire and guerilla fights. It is reporting by U.S. Army officials.

Unconventional Warfare Exercise

The unconventional warfare exercise according to local law enforcement “resembles extreme role playing.” The students in this training will fire blank rounds. Moreover, they will work with Fort Bragg soliders. Who, in fact, will be acting as guerilla fighters. This information is based on the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office who said this in a Facebook post this past Monday.

Military Training will Commence in Late March Through Early April

According to a statement from the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School based in Fort Bragg, the training is set from March 27th to April 11th.

In 21 counties across the state, staging will happen mostly on private land. This will include Chatham, Harnett and Wake in the Triangle.

Moreover, it will also encompass many counties in the Charlotte area that include Cabarrus, Rowan, Scotland, Stanly, and Union.

Special Forces Students, Military and Civilian Support Personnel

According to the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office, there are about 200 Special Force students, 500 military and civilian support personnel as well as 150 members of the general public that will participate in the exercises.

Suspicious-Looking Military Activity and Vehicles

“Randolph County residents Army officials have advised could in fact see unusual-looking military activity and vehicles. Moreover, this would be over the next few weeks. They will be conducting the Robin Sage Unconventional Warfare,” the sheriff’s office said.

On the Road to Becoming a Green Beret

In the final stage of Special Forces training is Robin Sage. That is before becoming a Green Beret. The name comes after an operative who was caught by the Nazis during World War II. They managed to escape after much more than 12 attempts.

Guerilla Force Overthrow of a Government

Special Forces students, during the exercise, are instructed to help a guerrilla force overthrow the government. It would take place in a fictional country known as Pineland. This would span “about 50,000 square miles in the woods of North Carolina.”

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