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Biden Pushing For Electric Vehicles Would Be Amazing, Right?!

You are currently viewing Biden Pushing For Electric Vehicles Would Be Amazing, Right?!
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President Joe Biden is trying the best he can in his new position to uphold the ideals of the American people. This includes maintaining the fuel efficiency mandates. This, considering the push for vehicle electrification, creates new jobs while protecting the environment. It matters because the United States is dragging their feet in the sand as the world is behind in electric vehicle adoption. To catch up will mean needing bigger investments from Biden in the production of electric vehicles. This means battery cell manufacturing and raw material mining as well. So as to be away from dependency on imports and foreign supply chains.

Biden is trying his damnedest to make sure there are one million new jobs. Specifically, in the auto industry in areas like manufacturing, infrastructure and supply chains. Currently, somewhere in the ballpark of 757,000 people work in auto and parts sector alone. This is down from a peak of 1.1 million people in the year 2000, according to the U.S. Labor Department.

Furthermore, Biden is trying to make sure, when it comes down to fleet-wide emissions, that automakers are compelled to build more electric vehicles. Another thing he tried to undo from former President Trump’s actions was to strengthen and re-establish strict fuel efficiency mandates formerly hurt by said actions, because of the EPA and the Transportation Department’s inability to get out of those type of changes.

This is truly the year where we may see some bigger changes occur. President Biden wants to boost electric vehicles. By doing this, he can make them a top priority to charge, with over 500,000 stations around the U.S. Meanwhile, the fleets will likely be all federal and fully-electric.

What does Biden support besides electric vehicles?

To put it briefly, Biden wants to expand consumer tax credits. This would be for EV purchases as well as EV incentives coming into stimulus packages for coronavirus protection in Europe.

Lately, sales have been jumping from 3.3% to 11% of all automotive sales across seas, whereas, in the United States alone, plug-in vehicles only count for 2% of total sales. Yet, it’s not only about securing demand.

If Biden really wants the United States to be the leader of electric vehicle fostering then the most important thing he can do is to secure the production of the necessary batteries and raw materials, pertaining to electric vehicles.

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