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Workhorse Hits The Road With A Full Stampede of Electric Delivery Vans

You are currently viewing Workhorse Hits The Road With A Full Stampede of Electric Delivery Vans
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Workhorse is well-known for being a company full of hard-workers. But can they find a way to make the work hardly noticeable with their electric vans? Pride Group Enterprises is asking Workhouse for a whopping 6,320 vans to deliver unto them between July 2021 and the year 2026! Can you believe that? It’s quite an incredible amount of electric vans to ask. But if Workhorse knows anything, it knows that the COVID outbreak should give them no reason to slow down, despite impacting a factory of their’s, earlier last year. They’re still fulfilling orders from UPS and Ryder System Inc as well. Not to mention a 500-truck order coming in from Pritchard Cos.

So who is Workhorse anyway? And do they have any work for horses?

Workhorse is well-known as a technology-centric group driven to present drone-dependent electric vehicles to the last-mile delivery demographic. They design and build high-performance, battery-electric vehicles with trucks and aircraft. They do everything they can to make the movement of people and shipping of goods a lot more efficient and a lot less harmful to the surrounding environments.

In addition, they also develop cloud-based telematics performing in real-time to fully-integrate with the vehicles they produce. This is in order to allow for full route optimization.

As for Pride Group Enterprises, they ranked at number 28 on the 2019 Growth 500 list, as a private establishment with its presences in 15 covert spots all over the North American continent.

Duane Hughes, the CEO for Workhorse, has said in the past good things.

That this forthcoming agreement to deliver an astronomical amount of vehicles “marks our largest individual order to-date and expands our sales channel internationally… for the first time.”

All Workhorse vehicles designed help allow the movement to be helpful towards the ecosystem. So it makes sense for Pride to take a chance on them.

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