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Reopening of Public Entertainment Thanks to Phase 3

You are currently viewing Reopening of Public Entertainment Thanks to Phase 3
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CHARLOTTE, NC: North Carolina could soon learn of the next reopening steps for the state for theaters and bars. This Friday, Phase 3 will expire. A COVID-19 press conference takes place today. In turn, that press conference may reveal more on Phase 2.5. While many businesses are awaiting news on Phase 3. They hope they will finally be open to their doors after nearly seven months after they first closed.

Reopening Includes Movie Theaters, Venues, etc

The Theater Charlotte has missed more than 50 curtain calls. 11,000 tickets have gone unsold and calling it the most lengthy intermission of its life. Theater Charlotte Executive Director Ron Law said he has missed the interaction between the stage and audience. That would include the revenue that goes with it. Theater Charlotte had to cancel several productions. Law says he figured out the cost theater more than six figures in revenue. They were able to adapt to some outdoor performances. Some performances sold out for the 50 person maximum outdoor gatherings. However, Law said it is not the same.

Law is hoping the Theater Charlotte gets the green light to open as Phase 3 is a close possibility. Yet Theater Charlotte may not be able to open immediately. He said it will come down to what the capacity of the theater can be. Also what the other restrictions are. Law also said a smaller capacity inside the theater may not make enough pay to pay for the royalty rights to put on an actual show.

The Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte is also waiting to open their doors. They will wait to bring the audience members back inside. The theater wants to make sure audiences and cast members feel totally safe. Also, they believe it makes take longer to really get people back in those seats and coming to the shows.

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