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Four People Caught COVID-19 At The Republican National Convention

You are currently viewing Four People Caught COVID-19 At The Republican National Convention
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CHARLOTTE, NC – Four people at the RNC tested positive for Corona Virus. This was announced Friday by the Mecklenburg County and GOP officials.

The Corona Virus is seeping into every part of our lives. Work, school, birthdays and especially funerals. But what are the effects it has on politics? Many say it’s an undeniable force. One that caused Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race early, so as not to have his voters become sick at the polls. A force that has scared the American people into staying inside and thriving inside.

A reckoning that even President Donald Trump is aware of. True to character of course, he pays it no mind. As the most important thing to him at the moment is getting support for his campaign.

And the RNC was a place to do it. Even for four people.

However, because people met in swarms of support of the infamous president, county health officials have shown growing worry. They say the lack of mask wearing and social distancing is downright abominable. But the GOP still defends itself in spite of four people getting sick with the virus.

Those four people, two audience members and two local support staff, will now have to quarantine. Anybody who even crossed their paths should consider doing the same isolation.

Around eight hundred attendees may have felt the effects of corona as well. They should have undergone tests by the local hospital system.

The RNC protocol mentions that attendees who test positively with symptoms of COVID-19, are advised to extend their visit in Charlotte, if only to self-isolate, lest they are able to secure safe, transportation back home.

All things considered, the RNC was supposedly going to have more of a turnout. An estimated 50,000 people is a stretch from the final 800 that showed up in total.

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