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Trucking Mobile App Makes Drivers’ Lives Easier

You are currently viewing Trucking Mobile App Makes Drivers’ Lives Easier
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A new trucking mobile app provides truck drivers with important information while on the road. DAT Solutions (DAT), a company based out of the Portland suburb of Beaverton, recently released an app that helps drivers plan their route amid the chaos of the pandemic.

The company is calling the app DAT One. It’s currently free in the Apple app store and Google Play Store. VIP Nadya Duke Boone said, “This new app is designed to help drivers navigate the uncertainty of the freight market by giving them a single place to find the tools they need most.”

With so many unknowns in the world right now, drivers can benefit from having so much information at the tips of their fingers.

Trucking Mobile App Services

The app does a great many things. But at its core, it’s designed to help drivers find and book loads that need moving. With DAT One, drivers can view available parking for their vehicles, as well as detailed trucking maps. The app highlights top-rated truck stops, gives information on local fuel prices, and will flag weigh stations. It also includes markers for rest areas, hotels, and local truck services. Drivers can track nearby loads and receive assistance in scheduling and mapping delivery.

Both larger enterprises and individual operations can benefit from the information available. Truck drivers that want to be independent can might enjoy the app’s filing services. You can use the app free for a month and will receive a 10% discount for life. DAT One takes care of filing both states and federal permits and offers guidance for independent drivers.

You’ll also be able to connect to brokers with CarrierWatch. An alert system lets you know when things change within your network and the app provides a searchable database of both active and inactive carriers. The company aptly named DAT One, as it’s a one-stop-shop for many trucking needs.

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