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Electric Semi: Closer Than We Think

You are currently viewing Electric Semi: Closer Than We Think
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The electric semi might be approaching mass-production much sooner than we think. An email leak from Elon Musk is reporting that the time is now for electric semi-trucks to be produced in larger quantities.

The E-Semi was introduced in 2019 alongside the Cybertruck. The original production of the vehicle was to have limited quantities to get the ball rolling. With little-to-no competition for other EV companies, Tesla is looking like it is in the fast-track to commercial vehicle production.

Unfortunately, that was then and this is now. Competing against Tesla is an aptly named company called “Nikola”. They intend to roll out the massive production of both electric and hydrogen-powered trucks. They have developed these so well that Anheuser-Busch is now utilizing a number of trucks to round out their fleet.

This has put a dent in Tesla’s plans. With the company moving forward in regards to both a million-mile battery to lower costs for consumers Tesla is fighting a low-stakes-war on the rest of the industry. As of right now, the company owns the largest portion of purchased EVs in the world. It plans to expand that lead exponentially.

Tesla Growing to Bring the Electric Semi to Fruition

Tesla also plans to create a potential new factory and move their headquarters from its current home outside of San Francisco.

The plan for the electric semi was to roll out in 2021 and it looks like things are moving in that direction. With the world still battling COVID-19 – the automaker has moved its attention to the Chinese market. They intend to find lower-cost materials to replace the already expensive battery.

One of the issues facing the emergence of the Electric Semi is the number of available Mega Charging Stations. As of right now, there are zero across the whole country. One of the major deterrents for both commercial consumers and regular is the availability of the charging stations. While many densely-populated areas have an adequate number of charging stations, other farther stretched areas lack the necessary value and incentives for potential buyers.

With competition closing in on the commercial industry, it looks like Tesla needs to bump up its plans for the future if it looks to stay king of the road.

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