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Sitting Cars Create Problems. Tips for Avoiding

You are currently viewing Sitting Cars Create Problems. Tips for Avoiding
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Sitting cars have been lining streets across America. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has had many under “stay-at-home” policy, not many people are driving. This can cause problems for your car when you need to use it.

Sitting Cars Drain Batteries

If your car lays idle for days at a time, it can cause problems. For starters, well, starting the car might be an issue. The battery needs to be turned on every now and again. If it sits idle for too long it will lose its power. This can be noted when trying to get in your car. Maybe the power locks wont open. Then when you get inside, the car wont turn on. The lights might be dim. This is a key signal that your battery is dead. You may need your friend to jump it (and hope they’ve been driving their car too).

Air Pressure Will Decrease

I went about a week without driving my car. The battery died and I jumped it. When I got back in and a started her up, I noticed that my tire pressure light was on. This meant the air in my tires were low. Without the movement of tires, air can escape and leave your vehicle noticeably lopsided. The lack of driving meant the tires sat in one spot for an extended period of time. The tire might not be completely flat, but you should put air in it immediately.

Fuel Gauge Will Lower

If the car has been sitting for a while and you decide to start it up again, you might notice that your fuel gauge wasn’t as high from when you last used it. This is because gas evaporate. Like any liquid, fuel will start to lower if you don’t run your car. Some might think this wouldn’t happen, but it does.

Even if you are not running your car, the basic maintenance to keep it running is important. Taking the proper precautions now will help ensure your vehicle is long lasting and will continue to run after the lock down has ended.

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