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3 Handy Tips Transitioning from Trucker to Freight Broker

You are currently viewing 3 Handy Tips Transitioning from Trucker to Freight Broker
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Thinking about making the big move from being a trucker to a freight broker? It is not uncommon to see a truck driver with years of experience under his or her belt in the trucking industry to step away from the cabin and into footsteps of a freight broker.

Some might think it is re-learning the steps of making it in the trucking industry, but it is much more similar than you think. Below are 3 handy tips for transitioning from trucker to freight broker.

Moving from Truck Driver to Freight Broker

As the freight broker market grows with the increase of freight shipments, transitioning to a different workplace might require a change of pace. This may entice a few people but if you take the time to prepare yourself, take extra training, and obtain a freight broker surety bond you will gain many qualities necessary to succeed.

Start with Your Freight Broker Compliance

Before shifting your work as a broker, you will first need to complete all licensing and business registration requirements such as;

  • Register your business in the state that you will operate in. Moreover, you will need to create a business entity and acquire a tax number from your state Department of Revenue
  •  Receive your MC/FF number, you will need this for your insurance
  • Apply for freight broker authority from Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)
  • Have process agents for every state you intend to operate in
  • Get freight broker insurance, if ONLY operating as a broker you do not need to obtain this insurance.

Additionally, once these steps are completed and you receive the “Ok” from the FMCSA, you are ready to transition from a trucker to a freight broker!

Furthermore, what else is needed to become a successful freight broker?

Develop Freight Broker Qualities

Maintaining a professional appearance is a vital requirement for brokers. Your professional demeanor is an important factor that will influence your success. Here are other important qualities a broker should have:

  • Be Honest and Trustworthy: Your clarity with shippers and carriers is critical to ensure that you continue working with them. If you maintain clear communication amongst them, you will gain their trust.
  • Being Focused and Resilient: Brokers are middlemen, they need to be able to maintain a balance between the businesses they serve. It is crucial to be focused, even under pressure and be a quick thinker since there will be a sudden change of pace in the workplace at times.
  • Be Self-Driven and Customer-Oriented: Brokers need to be passionate about their line of work. Being self-driven means, you attempt to optimize your work to achieve better results. This also means focusing on the customer’s needs and work towards meeting their goals.

In conclusion, the transition from trucker to freight broker might require you to take extra steps but in the long run, it will all be worth it. If you are thinking about transitioning into a freight broker or already have, let us know in the comments below!

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