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Shooting Kills Teenage Boy

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CHARLOTTE, NC – Early Wednesday morning a teenager was shot and killed at his north Charlotte home. According to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police, the shooter is still out on the loose. Yet another shooting kills someone too soon in Charlotte.

Police officials were contacted about an incident at the home around 5:43 a.m. When they arrived on the scene, they discovered a teenager who had been shot. They later pronounced the young man dead at the scene.

Police identified the victim as 16-year-old Jayvon Christopher Goolsby. Lieutenant Bryan Crum indicated that the signs point to the boy being gunned down as he prepared to go to school. As if this tragedy needed to be any sadder!

Shooting Raises Amount of Kills on Year

The killing raises Charlotte’s homicide numbers for the year all the way up to 54. Unfortunately, Goolsby is the third-youngest murder victim of the year. This data was produced by the Charlotte Observer.

Goolsby’s home is located in the Sunset Road community, which is west of Hornets Nest Park. This neighborhood is in north Charlotte west of I-77.

When the perpetrators fired into the home there were at least seven people inside. Consequently, police maintain the house was targeted but as of now, don’t know the reason. They are currently conducting an investigation. We hope that they’re able to get to the bottom of this matter.

“We don’t know anything about why they may have chosen this house, so we don’t know anything beyond that,” said Crum. “It just appears this house was targeted.”

Jayvon Goolsby’s family is working with police on the matter. Of course, they would like to catch the shooter as soon as possible. If you can help them find the shooter, you should definitely reach out!

Lieutenant Crum encouraged people to reach out to police at 704-432-TIPS or to call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600 if they have any information on the incident.

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