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Pedestrian Struck and Killed in Fatal Accident on I-85

You are currently viewing Pedestrian Struck and Killed in Fatal Accident on I-85

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Local authorities reacted quickly to a fatal accident that occurred on I-85 on Tuesday morning. According to police officials, a car hit and killed a pedestrian somewhere in the southbound lanes near the Glenwood Drive exit. It has rankled traffic at that highway stretch.

It wasn’t just the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department who raced to the scene. North Carolina Highway Patrol, CMPD, and Medic arrived at the incident location at 1-85, near the Freedom Drive exit. Currently, police have blocked off two lanes of traffic as they sort out the situation. Detectives are on the scene conducting an investigation of the fatal accident, marking off clues, and talking to witnesses.

Meanwhile, the morning traffic is moving very slowly for anybody heading along this route during their daily commute. Authorities will clear out as quickly as they can. However, whenever there’s a fatality on Charlotte roads, due diligence needs to be done. The police are asking drivers to be patient while they ensure that no foul play was involved in the man’s death.

Fatal Accident Occurred Because Man Attempted to Cross Interstate on Foot

Charlotte police troopers indicate the accident occurred when a man suddenly tried to run across the interstate. A car immediately struck him and medical personnel declared him dead at the scene. So far, police don’t have a reason for why the man attempted to cross highway traffic, especially during such a busy time. Crossing an interstate on foot at any time is, of course, a terrible idea. Even if you think you can see far enough and the way is clear, the cars are going so fast that they can sneak up on you. Evidently, this man thought he could outrun his fate.

Police officials noted that they will post updates on the incident as they become available. Right now the investigation remains open.

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