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Suspect Finally Charged in Quadruple Murder

You are currently viewing Suspect Finally Charged in Quadruple Murder
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CHARLOTTE, NC – Over a decade ago, police found four people murdered at a Charlotte apartment building! Now, police claim that they arrested a suspect.

On Thursday, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police charged thirty-two-year-old Dominick O’Neill Daise with four counts of murder. In fact, jail records show they also charged him with marijuana possession.

Finally, police took Daise into custody on Thursday, according to a press release.

According to the reports, police accused Daise of shooting and killing three men and a woman. Furthermore, this incident occurred at the Tree Top Apartments located near the intersection of Interstate 77 and Nations Ford Road.

Back in 2008, the Charlotte Observer reported on this incident. In the report, they said that a man contacted police at 6 a.m. to report finding two people dead in one of the apartments. However, police found four victims inside.

The 287 unit apartment community on High Meadow Lane was notorious for criminal activity. Plus, more importantly, 30 percent of the units were unoccupied at the time of the murders.

At the time, it took police several days to identify the victims. Their names? Timothy Stone, 33-years-old; William Beaumonde Royster, 46-years-old; Andrew Babyak, 43-years-old; and Cherilyn Jane Crawford, 31-years-old.

The police did not provide details on what led to the arrest of Daise 11 years after the crime. They only offered that his arrest was “a result of continued investigation.”

Police detectives added that the case remains open and they believe Daise did not act alone. Moreover, they offered no motive for the murders. They did, however, say the victims were caught up in a dangerous lifestyle.

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