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FBI’s Most Wanted Criminal Fatally Shot in Charlotte Motel

You are currently viewing FBI’s Most Wanted Criminal Fatally Shot in Charlotte Motel
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APEX, N.C. – An FBI agent fatally shot a criminal on the FBI’s top ten most wanted list during an early morning raid on Wednesday. The incident occurred in a Charlotte motel.

This man was Greg Alyn Carlson, age 47. Several miles from Raleigh, special agent John M. Strong, fatally shot the Carlson in his motel room. This occurred in Woodsprings Suites of Apex, North Carolina.

The reason that this man was on the FBI’s top ten most wanted was for rape and assault charges. Specifically, he was arrested for assault in LA in July of 2017. Charged in September of 2017 with burglary, assault, assault with a deadly weapon and rape.

Criminal Fatally Shot After Multi-State Chase

Carlson’s death ends in a search that spanned four states. These states include Alabama, Florida, California, and New York. His wiliness was not a surprise to agents, as you don’t end up on the FBI’s Most Wanted list without being at least a somewhat competent criminal. Right?

The FBI agent discovered Carlson after an officer reported a suspicious vehicle. The vehicle had South Carolina plates and the officer notified both the FBI and his superiors. This is what led to the fatal confrontation. Immediately, Carlson was violent with the agent and the officer.

Unfortunately, none of the officers wanted the day to turn out the way it did. In a press conference, the agent was regretful about the fatality. Although, they’re relieved that no one else was injured.

The last time that police saw Carlson, is after he was involved in a high-speed chase with police. They’re glad that this dangerous man is no longer wreaking havoc on the general public. While death is always unfortunate, the FFBI believes that some people are better off not being around to endanger the general public.

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