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MirrorEye: Trucking Technology Steps Up!

You are currently viewing MirrorEye: Trucking Technology Steps Up!
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Recently, the FMCSA decided on Stoneridge’s application of MirrorEye. This includes the exemption to rules governing accessories for safe operation.

The body gave Stoneridge five years of freedom from rear-view mirrors to use its camera system on trucks. The cameras included in the new MirrorEye system are safe. Some may say that these cameras are safer, than the previous safety ruling.

Stoneridge’s MirrorEye is a new cutting-edge trucking technology. With this new approval, the NHTSA is testing the equipment. It is a trial run. This includes the body gathering their own data gathering. In trucking it removes pesky blind-spots, and allow truckers to easily maneuver turns. Also in the future, if the trial run goes well, producers install MirrorEye during the production of the truck itself.

The digital monitors replace the truck’s mirrors, giving the driver a larger field of view, night vision, and a panning feature to constantly track the back end of the trailer. Also, the improved sleekness from the lack of mirrors can create a fuel cost savings of more than 2 %.

Originally the board did not consider the new tech, although it is already used in parts of Europe and Brazil. Initially suggested in 2013, the project has finally met approval this year. Now, the future is starting to look bright for this new tech.

What is to come?

This novelty is a trucking solution from the future. With this new tracking tech and improved vision, truckers are now aware of upcoming road conditions. Advancing the trucking business is reliant on the tech developments at this time. Hopefully, new technologies will continue to make our roads safer for everyone who uses them.

To learn more about MirrorEye, you can watch a descriptive video here.

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