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How Does the Perfect Fall Bucket List Look Like in Charlotte?

You are currently viewing How Does the Perfect Fall Bucket List Look Like in Charlotte?
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Time just flies by so fast! When did summer end and the fall season start?

We will all experience this beautiful yellow-reddish fall season until December 21.

That’s when the leaves start to change their colors. But isn’t it better to get the pumpkin before Halloween and taste some of the juiciest apples in Charlotte?

Well, let’s see how the perfect fall bucket list looks like.

What does the fall season mean to you?

Halloween involves around Pumpkins, right? What about Pumpkin beer?

According to the Rules of fall, you better sip at least one pumpkin beer.
Have a glimpse of Pumpkin beer spiced up with allspice, cardamom and ginger at NoDa Brewing Company’s Gordgeous.

Go for Harvest Pale Ale at Primal Brewery and for the Sweet Tater Ale at Sweet Union Brewing in Indian Trial.
Once you had your delicious Pumpkin Beer, it’s time for you to indulge in frothy fall drinks.

In the middle of the day grab your Mocha Habanero from Charlottes Cuplux, a drive-thru coffee place. Have you ever had Southern Spice Latte? This latte is ideal for fall season. Enjoy your latte spiced up with fall spices at Undercurrent Coffee.
As you see Charlotte is beer and coffee friendly during this fall season.

No fall season and especially Halloween goes without Pumpkins. Not far from Charlotte there is a Riverbend Farm, which represents a 25-acre pumpkin patch.

The organic farm also features a corn maze and pumpkin patch. There are other pumpkin farms nearby. Choose the one at your convenience and go get your pumpkin.

‘’Sweeten up’’ your day by visiting Amelie’s French Bakery. Taste the Spiced Pumpkin Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s a macaron cookie and dairy-free pumpkin spice ice-cream.

Before it gets cold, make sure you have more patio time. Sir Edmond Halley’s is the perfect pint-spinning patio. If the location does not sound right, there are at least a dozen underrated patios to try.

Pumpkin beer, frothy fall drinks, macaron pumpkin ice cream, and beautiful fall scenes await you in Charlotte.


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