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Charlotte Mother Delivered a Baby Right in Parking Garage

You are currently viewing Charlotte Mother Delivered a Baby Right in Parking Garage
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Charlotte, North Carolina – A baby was born in a Charlotte parking garage. The baby came into this world Tuesday morning, at around 3.00.


A mother named Kimberly Cleary and her husband, Zach were traveling from Waxhaw to Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center in Charlotte in their SUV.


The ride was going to take 45 minutes.


The ‘’new mother’’ was upset she is not going to be in time for the epidural. By the time they got into a parking garage, her husband rushed to get a wheelchair, but the mom knew the baby is coming. She said she could feel her head.


The desperate mother was trying to get attention by banging on the window of the passenger side. Fortunately, emergency room receptionist Mickaline Pfund heard her screams.


Michaline Phund is a mom herself. She went over to the vehicle and seen the dad rushing to get help.


Emergency room receptionist said this was something new. She delivered the baby right at the parking garage.


She also said the mom behaved excellently. She was like a rock star. She didn’t hesitate on anything and delivered a baby right at the parking garage.


Her husband Zach said it was pretty scary, but everything has worked out and they both are healthy, mom and newly born baby.


Even though this was not how the mother thought it would be, but everything worked out perfectly. She can’t wait to tell her about the day she was born.


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