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New Partnership for “New” Charlotte

New Partnership for “New” Charlotte
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CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINE — The Charlotte Chamber and the Charlotte Regional Partnership joined their efforts to generate funding for the betterment and promotion of Charlotte region. This new group, that is now named “NewCo”, managed to save $1 million a year.

As the city council reports, NewCo will initiate several programs with the aim of attracting new companies, eliminate unnecessary efforts and reduce fundraising conflict.

Ned Curran, past chairman of the Charlotte Chamber, mentioned that two major headquarters that were the main employers and supporters of the area’s economy left the city. Hence, the city community will enhance the environment to make it more attractive for the major businesses.

The merger of the Charlotte Chamber and the Charlotte Regional Partnership raise a kind of controversy among the neighboring counties. The involved parties still question who will lead the group and if it will better serve the interests of Charlotte.

The group will also have another mission of promoting the bonds and lobbying for voters. Most of the funds will be allocated for the re-branding of the city.

The program will be launched January, 2019 and be followed by the selection of the leader.


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