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How To Get Prepared for Hurricane Florence in Charlotte

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What should people in Charlotte do to get ready for Hurricane Florence? The storm expected in Charlotte caused a series of worries among people. It’s not certain the storm’s exact track, but the example of Florence in Central North Carolina allows to think about the significant impact it’s going to have on Charlotte.

The storm might range from a couple inches of rain to tropical storm-force winds expected on Thursday.

There is no way to stop the weather from expressing itself in different climate changes. But we can prevent from getting damaged by simply following the instructions for the emergency situations caused by weather.

Here is how to handle some of the problems the storm may likely cause.

Driving in heavy rain and wind?

Drivers are better to check the road conditions on or download the Ready NC mobile app for real-time road conditions.

Driving in heavy rain is not recommended for motorists. In the statement, it is said to avoid driving through flooded areas, even if you are familiar with the area.

If there is no way to stay away from driving, at least make sure you follow the following precautions.

  • Motorists are required to increase the following distance to 5 or 6 seconds behind the car in front of them.
  • Carrying an emergency kit with a flashlight, first-aid kit, water, car charger for your phone and reduce the speed to adjust for wet roads.

A spokesman for the State Highway Patrol said if it ’s possible they should stay off the road as soon as the storm starts effecting certain areas. Low enforcement officers worry about the possibility of overblown trees and downed power lines that fail in roadways.

What Charlotte can Expect from Hurricane Florence

According to National Hurricane Center Charlotte would get about 2 inches of rain over the next seven days.

That will cause flooding with the intense 1’’-2’’ downpour and larger creeks overtop roadways with 3’’-4’’ of rain in an hour.

To minimalize the flooding, make sure you clean any small creeks near your house of debris.

As about water supply, Charlotte Water officers said the situation will not result in large-scale water service interruptions.

However, as a backup water supply, fill food-grade containers and bottles from the tap. The same is recommended for food and other supplies for at least 72 hours.

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